DIY Financial Planning:
Home Purchases

The average home buyer spends over 52 hours organizing their finances for their home purchase.

Do it the right way, in less time than it takes to watch a movie.

Don't buy a home without a (financial) plan.

Save the time and risk of doing your own research.

Follow the techniques and exercises a Certified Financial Planner uses to prepare a client for the purchase of a home instead of relying on online searches and hearsay from friends.

Save the money you'd have to spend on a financial planner.

Finding and hiring a financial planner can cost time and thousands of dollars. Get the guidance from a credentialed financial planner without the price.

The Full Bundle Includes

Video Lectures

Video lectures from a team of certified professionals who have helped over a hundred clients with their financial planning.

Spreadsheet Templates

We've done the heavy lifting for you and created intricate spreadsheets with all the necessary formulas built in - just add in your income and other relevant information.

Preview our Rent vs Buy Spreadsheet!

Bonus Materials

Included are actual examples of documents you'll see throughout the lending and home purchase process, with tips and additional information included as to what to look out for so you are prepared.


If you don't feel like you're in a better position to make a decision on a home purchase, we'll give you your money back.

Customers love us:

This was a great way to get all the content I was looking for in a condensed way. It ended up being much more useful than the research I was doing on my own.
Anil Sevim
Lead Engineer at JUUL
This is a no-brainer for anyone who is still trying to figure out how much house they can afford and how. I was considering getting a financial planner but this turned out to be a more affordable and convenient option.
Matt Farnell
Manager at AdRoll

Financial Planning for Your First Home Purchase

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